French heart surgeon Olivier Baron (October 2019)

This is a little-known fact that one out of a hundred babies around the world is born with congenital diseases and heart defects. Most of these children can be saved if they are operated on.

Since 2015, the Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva Foundation “Sen Yolg’iz Emassan” (“You Are Not Alone”) in cooperation with the French Association of Doctors “Chain of Hope” has been conducting charity events to provide medical care to children with congenital heart defects from houses of Mercy and low-income families of Uzbekistan.

Up to date, with the financial support of the Sen Yolg’iz Emassan Foundation (You Are Not Alone), leading French physicians have performed more than 120 complicated operations for children with complex heart diseases, 21 of which were performed in France in the Nantes Pediatric Clinic.

These charity events provide great opportunities for the exchange of experience between French doctors and their Uzbek colleagues in the field of modern pediatric cardiac surgery and cardiac reanimation. French surgeons share their knowledge in practice, helping to adopt new measures in the diagnosis, treatment and resuscitation of children.

In an interview, heart surgeon Olivier Baron and anesthesiologist Arian De Vind talk about the fact that during the 13th mission of French doctors to Uzbekistan in October this year, 75 children were examined, 12 of them were successfully operated on.